I plus Q is where the state of Innovation and Quality begins. As a House of Aromatherapy since 2000, I plus Q has explored the world of nature’s power with the expansion of scientific research to craft fine quality aromatherapy products. Reliably commissioned by many prestige spas, both in 5-stars hotels and individuals, OEMs and ODMs, we have adapted the culture of aromatherapy to the needs of an urban lifestyle. All of which is rooted in the passion of botanical know-how and eco-respect. Not only customization or tailor-made, but with I plus Q you can…
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Crafted for your space and psychlogy

Our 20 years journey. As our promising of Sustainability in Environmental Management and +Wellness Formula, Biodegradable Collection is well presented. This longevity formula was crafted from the finest Natural & Organic Ingredients with No Harsh Chemicals and No Animal Testing on Products. Comprising of aromatherapy essential oils; including lavender, rosewood, and cedarwood, promotes Balanced and Comfortable Feeling Without Anxiety.


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