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Water Mist
Products | House Brand | MISCELLANEOUS | Water Mist:

Citronella Body Mist

Aroma Benefits : Refreshing
Key Benefits : Insect repellent
Aroma : Lavender-Chamomile
General Benefits : The aromatic herbal and heady citrus scent of the juxtaposition between Lemongrass and Citronella essential oils fortifies the invisible barrier against insect invasion satisfactorily.

Good Night Mist

Aroma Benefits : Balancing
Key Benefits : Promote deep sleep
Aroma : Sandalwood-Orange
General Benefits : The fresh and sweet scent of Lavender and Orange essential oils is complemented with aromatic, warm scent of Sandalwood to provide the properties of tension relief and sleep inducer. This prodigious mist sets up the stress-free sleeping cocoon ultimately.

Sweet Dream Mist

Aroma Benefits : Relaxing
Key Benefits : Promote deep sleep
Aroma : Lavender-Chamomile
General Benefits : The luxurious Rose Water dominates as the queen of soothing on the throne of stress-relief Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot essential oils leading to the kingdom of peaceful and romantic sleep.