Contouring Pink Pepper Massage Balm


Aroma Benefits : Refreshing
Key Benefits : Firming, Anti-cellulite
Ingredients with Standard Base : Juniper-Cypress-Lemon
General Benefits : Effectively treat the target area for ultimate body contour solution with our carefully selected active ingredients of Pink Pepper oil, Amino Acid Proline and Capsicum that would work in synchronization against excessive fat molecules while stimulating metabolism to burn off unwanted water and fat retention in the body system as well as increasing collagen synthesis to support the firming process of silky smooth skin. Aromatherapy of Juniper, Cypress and Lemon essential oil synergizes into the deeper level of fat breaking, digestive and anti-cellulite system ? the sensual way for the refined figure revelation.


Detoxifying Phyto Massage Balm


Aroma Benefits : Refreshing
Key Benefits : Detoxifying
Ingredients with Standard Base : Grapefruit-Fennel-Black pepper
General Benefits : Living life at large to the fullest wealth of experience, your body can be exhausted and overloaded, our finely formulated collection is enriched with globally recognised for detoxifying effect including Cholorphyll extract and Argan oil, while Sea Buckthon Berry oil reduces signs of ageing. Aromatherapy of Grapefruit, Fennel and Black Pepper essential oil is coordinated to deeply cleanse away skin?s waste, encouraging the body detoxification system with better blood circulation plus offering the ultimate anti-oxidation and sensational beauty result.


Purifying Volcanic Massage Balm


Aroma Benefits : Invigorating
Key Benefits : Purifying, Blood circulation
Ingredients with Standard Base : Clove-Cinnamon-Pine-Rosemary
General Benefits : Surrounded by polluted environment and everyday’s stress and natural ageing system, the body is full of toxin, it’s time to take good care of yourselves with the absolute power of Purification from Coconut Charcoal Powder, Volcanic Clay and Black Silt that would absorb and deeply cleanse the impurities from your skin. Improve the blood circulation and fight against premature ageing with Red Ginseng extract, whilst Longan Seed extract stimulates collagen and elastin formation for firming and smoother skin. Aromatherapy of Clove, Cinnamon, Pine and Rosemary essential oil encourages the purification system through blood circulation stimulating and boosting metabolism and immume system.