Botanical Name : Anthemis Nobilis
Aroma Benefits : Balancing, Soothing
General Benefits : Chamomile water exclusively formulated with Chamomile oil to magnify the hydrosol’s benefits. It is offering the action as anti-inflammatory, provides the natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Its renown property is calming spirit and sedating body thus use as pillow mist to set up a stage of healthy sleep.




Botanical Name : Jasminum Officinale
Aroma Benefits : Romance
General Benefits : Jasmine water exclusively formulated with Jasmine oil to magnify the hydrosol’s benefits. Jasmine water offers the action of rejuvenating nutrients and natural perfume accord. Jusmine water can be used as refreshing toner and bath splash, its soothing and relaxing scent has invigorating effect incredibly. Use as mist or air freshener spray when you need relaxation and boost your confidence.




Botanical Name : Lavandula Angustifolia
Aroma Benefits : Relaxing
General Benefits : Exclusively formulated with Lavender oil to magnify the hydrosol?s benefits. It contains potent healing agents offering the action as antiseptic and provides the good nutrient to boost cell renewal and protect skin from daily irritants. It reduce inflammation and prevent ingrown hair, facial toner preventing dryness, hair nourishment for soft and shiny appearance. Its also renown property as mild sedative elixir thus use as bath soak or pillow mist to ease muscle strain, relieve anxiety, stress and headache leading to good sleep.




Botanical Name : Citrus Aurantium Dulcis
Aroma Benefits : Astringent
General Benefits : Neroli water exclusively formulated with Neroli oil to magnify the hydrosol’s benefits. Neroli water contains anti-stress and soothing agents offering the action as skin’s renewal process nutrients, effective yet gentle deodorizer due to its sweet and fresh scent and complementary to other floral waters such as lavender and rose water for delicate, sensitive and oily skin treatment. Can be used with honey in clay mask formula for detoxifying and mattifying action by absorbing the excess sebum. It can be used as mild astringent after facial cleansing to restore suppleness and vitality for mature skin. Adding to shower gel to purify the skin thus preventing blemishes and smooth it on entire body after shower to improve micro-circulation. It is a digestive aid, stimulating bile release and relieving heartburn. Misted on the abdomen or applied to acupuncture digestion points will ease stress-related bloating, flatulence, cramps and constipation.




Botanical Name : Rosa Centifolia
Aroma Benefits : Astringent, Soothing
General Benefits : Rose water exclusively formulated with Rose oil to magnify the hydrosol’s benefits. As a raw material for cosmetic purpose, Rose water’s fragrant, softening and mild astringent properties make it a most sought after plant extract. As a moisturizer with invigorating and soothing effect include regulate skin pH balance plus its noble and femininity scent, Rose Water acts as an aromatic substitute for water portion in cosmetic recipes. Rose water can be used as facial toner for normal to dry, mature and sensitive skin, astringent to tighten pores and daily cologne or body spray. In addition to adding to bath, it can be used as linen or air refresher. It is useful as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. Combats PMS, cramps and moodiness by virtue of its balancing effect on the endocrine system. It makes you feel very good’.