Breezy Insect Repellent


Aroma Benefits : Refreshing
Key Benefits : Insect repellent
Aroma : Eucalyptus-Citronella
General Benefits : Scientifically prooves the aromatic herbal and heady citrus essential oil blending of Eucalyptus Lemongrass and Citronella essential oils fortifies the invisible barrier against insect invasion satisfactorily for 2hrs, with added eucalyptus essential oil for pleasantly breezy aroma benefits.


Lavender Natural Bead


Aroma Benefits : Relaxing
Aroma : Lavender
General Benefits : Lavender known as the miraculous calming, soothing and relaxing herb. its scent are encapsulated in natural bead. It filled in an eye-pillow to relieve daily stress, tension, and reveal its rested and balanced state.


Lemongrass Facial Towel Water


Aroma Benefits : Refreshing
Key Benefits : Hydrating
Aroma : Lemongrass
General Benefits : This gentle Lemongrass Facial Towel Water immediately hydrates the skin with its refreshing and energizing scent of Lemongrass for a toned complexion. Use after cleansing imparts a healthy glow while the natural aromatic scent adds a mood-enhancing dimension to the experience. Can be used as revitalizing booster during the day to lower skin temperature and soothes the skin irritations.